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Historic Crystallographic Instrumentation Collection at the IUMSC

The collection of scientific instrumentation in the area of crystallography, chemistry, and information technology is part of the Indiana University Molecular Structure Center (IUMSC) and located on in room A421 in the Chemistry Building. It is open to the public during normal business hours.

Items exhibited include historic and newer balances, diffractometer parts and other devices and cameras for crystallographic experiments, ovens, early computational tools for crystallography, and electronic devices, such as bridges, illumination meters, wattmeters, pyrometers, and potentiometers. The items exhibited are gifts to the IUMSC from Professor's Riley Schaeffer, John Huffman, William Streib, Kirsten Streib, David Bish, and Bruce Foxman.

Picker DiffractomerterBalanceElectronic Instrumentation

Picker DiffractometerBalanceElectronic Instrumentation
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