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The IUMSC data server is a project involving personnel and financial support from several departments and organizations.  Individuals  include:

Server software and hardware configuration and development:

John C. Bollinger
John C. Huffman
John N. Huffman

Data content and database management:

John C. Bollinger
John C. Huffman
Kirsten Folting
William E. Streib
Marc Kohli*
Ronald Willis*
Juan Jiminez*
Kianosh Huffman

* ChemViz REU participants

The original data server was made available by an internal grant from the Indiana University Office of the Vice President for Information Technology.

Hardware for the Beowulf cluster was made possible with the assistance of Compaq Computer Corporation, and partially funded by the National Science Foundation (grant number CHE-9709225).  

Software and structural content are partially funded by the NCSA ChemViz project through a subcontract from the U. of Illinois.

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