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Molecular graphics are an essential tool for anyone trying to understand or describe the structures of molecules.  There are numerous molecular graphics packages available, but most are designed only for expert users, and many sacrifice image quality for rendering speed.  In response to those shortcomings, the Indiana University Molecular Structure Center (IUMSC) has recently constructed a Beowulf cluster dedicated to generating publication-quality images for both laboratory staff and remote collaborators, and, in conjunction with the Indiana University Advanced Visualization Laboratory,  the IUMSC has implemented multiple easy-to-use remote interfaces.  The interface features and implementation vary, but the simplest are built around Java applets for orienting the molecules and selecting rendering options -- with these anyone with an Internet connection can make use of the cluster to produce high-quality molecular images.  Desktop applications can also make use of the cluster; in no case is the user required to log on to the cluster, or even to have valid credentials for doing so.

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