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Visual components

  • customizable, standard visualization techniques for
  • molecular representation (atoms, bonds, etc.)
  • Cell boundaries, unit cell representation and repetition
  • Asymmetric and symmetric unit within each cell
  • Solvent accessibility surfaces (using MSMS);
  • Miller planes within cell boundaries

File options

  • Supports crt, pdb, and project files
  • multiple molecules can be opened and viewed at the
  • same time
  • exports several different file formats, including:
    • Inventor
    • VRML1
    • ART (raytrace)
    • POVRAY

and Cross platform

  • Unix based, including IRIX , SUN, and Linux, and soon others.
  • Supports low end desktops, as well as high end graphics workstations
  • project files can be created on the desktop, and loaded directly onto immersive systems (CAVE, Idesk)
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