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1.0a6   04-13-99

  • fixed orthographic projection from scale to resize of screen.
  • Fixed Ray trace of planes, plane point ordering, and incorrect number of points in plane.
  • No longer crashes when bad project file opened.

1.0a7 04-23-99

  • Fixed bug ctr/pdb in file name.; Looks for ".crt" now
  • added translate/rotate/cor dialog box.

1.0a8   04-26-99

  • No longer have to have symmety or cell data.
  • better error checking for bad cell or symmetry info.
  • Extensive Error checkinf for CRT file.; No longer need to have symmetry or cell data to display the molecule.
  • More descriptive project file, make file more readable, as well as portable amongst versions.
  • CRT file does not have to have bonds now.

1.0b4   10-10-00

  • Clean up, Fixed surface output for protein project files.

1.0b5   11-02-00

  • Project output and read fixes for protein structures.; Should now save EVERYTHING.
  • Changed About dialog to reflect current version.
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