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Welcome to XMView!

XMView is the result of over a years worth of work, in conjunction with the IU Molecular Structure Center.  It originally started as a project to visualize simple molecules in the CAVE, and eventually grew into the application that it is today.  XMView can be used for various forms of molecular visualization, including small molecules, molecular surfaces, molecular symmetry, miller planes, as well as some visualization for macromolecules such as proteins.

Part of the design goals of XMView was to create a molecular visualization system that would do several things.  Number one was to be scalable.  This means it will work on  desktop systems, and can also be used on an Immersadesk or CAVE system.  The second design goal was to make the programming cross platform, so others could use the software as well.  Currently, XMView works on SGI systems,  SUN systems, as well as Linux, allowing chemists with a lower budget to still use the program.  Other operating systems should also work, but have not been tested.  The third goal in creating XMView, was the ability to support high quality publication quality images. XMView allows a chemist to output their data in several formats, which can then be used to create high resolution images.

CMView is the CAVE application that can be used in conjunction with XMview.  For more information on CMView, check the CMView specific page.

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