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Sample Preparation and Packing

Please let us know if you have any questions regarding how to ship your samples.

1) If your crystals contain solvents, please send them with a small amount of mother liquor in a vial so that the sample does not dry out and loses its crystallinity.

2) For all liquid containing samples, please make sure the container is properly closed and sealed to prevent any leakage during shipping.

3) If you are sending the sample in a sealed glass tube, please make sure the tube is only half-full or less so that we can cut it open safely without spilling the solvent and crystals.

4) We recommend sending us more than one container for any given sample (especially air-sensitive samples). This will allow us to screen serveral crystals unaffected by decomposition and find the best possible crystal for data collection.

5) There is no chemical waste disposal program for users at Advanced Photon Source. Therefore any waste generated from your sample may be shipped back to you.

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